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Tridoshas are the three most vital and fundamental concepts of Ayurveda. It is very important to understand these doshas for ensuring a sustainable and effective herbal cure of the disease. The Best Ayurvedic Medical College in Rajasthan introduces you to the world of Tridoshas.

What are Tridoshas?

As described by the authoritative Ayurvedic treatises, Tridoshas are the three fundamental energies or principles governing the main bodily functions. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the three doshas, one of which is present in every human body. The three fundamental bodily bio-elements are responsible for deciding your health, emotional and mental fitness. According to Ayurveda, each body is made up of tissues called dhatus, waste products termed as malas, and doshas commonly known as the governing energy forces. Tridoshas influence all the movements, sensory functions, revolution, and many other human body functions.

Vata Dosha (Air element)

This dosha is characterized by cold, dry, movement, light, and minute. All the bodily movements like blood circulation, breathing, motion, blinking, etc, are because of the property of Vata. Any imbalance prolonged will lead to diseases like flatulence, gout, rheumatism, etc.

In balance: You are active, energetic, and healthy.

Imbalance: You become anxious and dull.

Pitta Dosha (Fire element)

It is chiefly characterized by body heat, burning sensation, and redness. It is the fiery element that controls the body’s metabolism, which includes digestion, nutrition, absorption, and body temperature. The Best Ayurvedic Medical College in Rajasthan suggests its chief quality is heat.

In balance: It leads to high-concentration levels and intelligence.

Imbalance: You become acidic, and fight skin problems, ulcers, and anger.

Kapha Dosha (Water element)

It is characterized by heaviness, tenderness, slowness, cold, and carrier of nutrients. This dosha is responsible for and controls the growth of the body. It supplies water to the parts of the body, and nourishes skin and maintains the immune system. All the soft organs are the constitution of Kapha. It plays a major role in lubrication, taste perception, and Joint nourishment.

In balance: It leads to strong build and excellent stamina.

Imbalance: It leads to cold and congestion, white tongue coat, feeling foggy, and overly sentimental.

Ayurveda is vast. Unfolding each subject matter gives birth to a few more. It is important to understand each in detail. We will soon come up with in-depth analysis of each doshas. But, just for introducing you to the tridohas, this piece of information was created by the experts. Please share your concerns, if any. For admission related query you can go through the List of BAMS College in Rajasthan.

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