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Courage always beats cowardice; Goodwill always beats evil; Selfless action will always beat selfishness; A life of faith will always beat despair. Such is the legacy of our beloved leader. To celebrate the birth anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti every year has become a tradition at the best Ayurvedic Hospital in UPIt’s not only to spread the message of peace and brotherhood that he stood for but also to inspire and motivate students and teachers alike. 

Ever since we started celebrating Gandhi Jayanti at the institution, it has become a day of patriotic zeal and enthusiasm among young and old alike. On this day, we come together as a family and renew our pledge for the welfare of the nation, humanity and the society as a whole.

Gandhi Jayanti at the Best Ayurvedic Hospital in UP

  • Core of the Celebration 
  • Outcome of the Celebration
best Ayurvedic Hospital in UP

Let’s dive in to know the details!

Core of the Celebration

The students were taught the values and principles of Gandhian thoughts and ideology through various mind-opening and thought-provoking activities. There was a session with the students, where the head-honcho of this institution raised questions and motivated them to fight against societal shortcomings and corruption. 

Outcome of the Celebration

The students were taught how to be humble, socially aware and sensitive towards nature. On this socially relevant occasion, the teaching staff engaged in many such inspiring sessions with the students. So, this is how the best Ayurvedic College in UP celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. 


The teachers and management felt proud in conducting such a program here at SKS Ayurvedic College. It has been an eye-opener for us and for all our students who got a chance to learn many things they might not have got in their whole lives! It has indeed been a meaningful celebration!

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