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Phone No: +91 9897 555 363 Email:
Excellence in Ayurvedic Medicine that sets us apart

Welcome To SKS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Welcome to our website. SKS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital is one of the best and well known Ayurvedic medical college in the district of Mathura.

Best Location, Infrastructure & Campus

We have a high quality infrastructure as per Central Council of Indian medicine with huge campus area, number of quality laboratories, multi specialist Hospital which provide key parameters of education to Medical students

Highly Experienced Teachers & Doctors

We are associated with well experienced Teachers in the field of education & research, so that students may get experience from them for the service of diseased people

Well Equipped Labs & Diagnostic Facility

We provide end to end support for education by highly qualified Faculty and following the approved syllabus by CCIM New Delhi.

Quality OPD & IPD Facilities

This Institute has quality lab which provide high quality Drugs for the Hospital to ensure effective treatment.

Halls Of Residence

We have separate hostels for boys and girls which are designed to make you feel at home with healthy and nutritious vegetarian meal.

Herbal Garden

The department of Dravya guna is maintaining an excellent herbal garden consisting of numerous medicinal plants which are used for preparing medicines.

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Approval & Affiliations
  • AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi

  • Central Council of Indian Medicine

  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar university, Agra

  • Government of Uttar Pradesh