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Uttar Pradesh is considered the most populous centre of Ayurveda studies. It has several colleges that help students to pursue their dreams. Although there are many Ayurveda colleges in this city, SKS Ayurvedic College is one of the best. It provides the best BAMS study experience for its students. So, in today’s blog, the top-ranking Ayurvedic College in UP will give you an overview of the BAMS Course in Delhi NCR. You must know everything before applying for admissions. 

BAMS Course in Delhi NCR- Table of Content

  • BAMS Ayurveda Course Overview
  • What Students Will Learn at SKS?
BAMS Course in Delhi NCR

So, let’s get into the details without wasting a single second. 

BAMS Ayurveda Course Overview 

BAMS is a 5.5-year degree course in Ayurvedic studies. It prepares students with the basics of Ayurveda along with modern practices. No doubt, we are the top private BAMS College in North IndiaIts significant credit goes to the BAMS course, teachers, and the fee structure we offer. If you wish to get a complete BAMS course fee in UP, then contact us. 

What Students Will Learn at SKS Ayurvedic College?

There are various subjects to be taught under this 5.5-year degree course. Let us give you an overview of the subject you’ll learn after admission to BAMS College in IndiaHere’s the list, 

  • History of Ayurveda
  • Fundamental Principle of Ayurveda
  • Rachna Sharir & Kriya Sharir
  • Dravya Gun Vigyan, Ras Shastra & Bhaisajyakalpana
  • Naya Vaidyak & Vyavhar Ayurved (Vidhi Vaidhyak)
  • Vish Vigyan (Agad tantra) & Nidaan (Vikriti Vigyan)
  • Swasthyavritta, Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samitha
  • Kaya Chikitsa including Rasayan & Vajikaran, 
  • Punchkarma therapy, etc 

For more details, contact us. 


We hope that the above discussion will help you have a clear understanding of the course structure. Every student must be aware of these things before applying for admission to any college. For more detailed information about the BAMS Course in Delhi NCRcontact us. We at SKS Ayurvedic College are always available to help you with your doubts. 

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