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Manners are something that we use every day to make a good impression and to feel good about others. It is important to practice good manners wherever you are-at home, in the office or with friends.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” other people’s appreciation always means that you respect their wishes. There’s something more than’ please and thank you’ in good manners. At SKS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital one of the best BAMS Ayurvedic colleges in UP we teach students high sense of manners so that they not only turn out to be a good doctor but also a doctor in true sense with good behavior.

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Compassion is not an automatic response to the suffering of another; it is a reaction that only happens when the situation is viewed as extreme, unfair and relatable. It needs some level of awareness, concern and empathy.

In keeping with the above description, seeing a homeless man on the sidewalk can appear differently depending on how the passers-by view this situation in a unique way.  For being a successful doctor we believe compassion is most needed. For students looking for best Ayurvedic hospital in UP can join SKS as we are committed to share with you all those highest values that is required in being a competent doctor


In medical profession loyalty is required from both side from patients and doctors. Patient loyalty is primarily trust based. Other soothing factors such as the ability to listen, a sense of concern and the quality of care will strengthen trust. Loyalty is both a complex concept and an exchange of relationships subject to different influences. Patients enjoy the advantages of being loyal. The ‘family physician’ model has always been the loyalty archetype for many genes. Loyalty is more nuanced than normal, and involves dimensions of confidence, listening, quality of care, availability and familiarity. The conclusions made from this analysis require an examination of a greater scale. Hence students seeking BAMS course fee in UP we inculcate in them all the important values of loyalty, compassion and manners to make them compassionate doctors.

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