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Phone No: +91 9897 555 363 Email:

I had a dream that I had seen not with my eyes closed but with my eyes open. The dream of entering the cycle of providing medical and treatment education. I pursued BAMS Course from Ayurvedic College In Haryana putting my family history ahead.

I was able to enter one of the best BAMS Ayurvedic colleges in Rajasthan/UP , SKS Ayurvedic College & Hospital after completing my thesis. Since entering SKS Ayurvedic College one of the top BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in North India I feel very happy and proud of myself. The teaching approach used at SKS is student-centered and due consideration is given to the proper use of experience.

As a instructor I was pleased with the students and their curiosity about the Ayurveda course. I also had the opportunity to meet students from neighboring states who were looking for admission to Ayurvedic colleges in Haryana. The college itself is a clear example of unity in diversity. The Faculty Halls were the most important part of the college. The residency facility was given to all physicians within the institution.

I feel very lucky as a teacher to have such an excellent forum for the education process. SKS Ayurvedic College, one of the best BAMS Ayurvedic colleges in UP , is not only a strong student forum but also an exciting teacher podium where we not only fulfill our dreams, but also a chance to spend the rest of our lives while serving society.

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