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What is Ayurveda and the best lifestyle? | Best Ayurvedic College in Mathura


SKS Ayurvedic college is among the best ayurvedic college in UP which caters not only to the increasing demand for Ayurveda professionals but also to the growing need for imparting quality health care. We are among the top ranking BAMS Ayurvedic College in UP with highly experienced and qualified team of faculty. We aim at providing overall holistic development of students. SKS is CCIM Approved Top BAMS Ayurvedic college in Mathura with state of the art infrastructure supported by laboratories, libraries and meticulously designed well – furnished departments.

The changed living conditions

lifestyles and high stress levels there has been an increase in the diseases and ailments. India is set to fight a battle against these diseases and thus we as responsible citizens of India are producing a large and efficient team of ayurvedic doctors. SKS ayurvedic college is among the best private BAMS Ayurvedic college in Mathura and we are assured that the knowledge we are imparting to our younger generation will not only help them to claim good monetary fortunes but also high respect in the society.

Admission in Ayurvedic college

Students who wish to take admission in Ayurvedic college must be hard working and dedicated towards serving the society. SKS Ayurvedic College is not only known for best infrastructure of ayurvedic collge in Mathura but also for the strong power of concentration, self- confidence, responsibility , good communication skills which we imbibe in our students. We aim at providing high standard education while making a position in the list of lowest fee structure of BAMS Ayurvedic colleges. Thus students who wish to give wings to their aim of being an ayurvedic doctor must visit SKS leaving back their economical background.

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