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Phone No: +91 9897 555 363 Email:

Doctor as described in the dictionary is anyone who is eligible to treat the ill. Here being eligible means being not only educationally eligible but also socially qualified. At SKS Ayurvedic College & Hospital, one of the best CCIM approved BAMA Ayurvedic colleges in Rajasthan/up we have our own concept of a doctor who is qualified to treat people who are not sick. Not only because of his / her expertise but also because of his / her actions, tolerance and for whom society comes before him / her. We aim to give the society where U always comes before’ I ‘ quality education as well as service.

We’re proud to be the top choice of students seeking admission to BAMS colleges in up with our own set of measuring doctors expectations and their performance. A good doctor for us is someone who takes attributes such as survival, endurance, self-confidence to name a few. At SKS, one of the best Ayurvedic hospital in Delhi NCR Haryana’s best Ayurvedic College, we concentrate not only on preparing a good Ayurvedic doctor, but also on a good human. Not only are Ayurvedic doctors developed from SKS educated, they also possess all the other skills required to secure a good position in society.

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Composure: The most important thing a doctor can know is rage management or composure. We at SKS Ayurvedic College, one of the top choices of students who are looking for BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in North India encourage students to engage in sports, extracurricular activities and camps that help to reduce stress and anger and increase unity.  We are located in a serene setting that is also a deciding factor. The students are inspired by the quiet and peaceful atmosphere and nature itself is a teacher to the learners. Students in Rajasthan who are searching for an Ayurvedic Degree will join SKS to learn the peace and harmony directly from nature.

Society before Self: At SKS Ayurvedic College, we have top-notch facilities, state-of – the-art facilities and promote the lowest fee structure for students to enter every corner of quality education. Society is forever before us.

They make sure that the concept of quality education reaches every corner of the nation regardless of economic barriers. All the students who are enrolled at SKS Ayurvedic College & Hospital are given the same information. Society needs to come before itself for a doctor to be professional. Within our students, we shore up the sense of being together to make them socially conscious.

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