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Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? Each one of us eats, drinks, and desires for food just to fulfill the need. Whether or not you are eating healthy entirely depends on your lifestyle. In the worst scenario, you are busy, loaded with work, have the least time to select the food, and randomly settle for something less than ordinary. Do you know what suffers the most in this course of negligence? It is your heart. People often say a healthy heart is a sign of healthy body to which they fail to abide by. And, it is because you choose Delicious over Healthy.

Here are some top 5 healthy Ayurvedic ways to keep your heart healthy. Check out these effortless ways to stay healthy.

1. Stay close to Fats- It’ true!

Contrary to the popular belief, some fats sources are good for your heart and must be included in your staple diet. You must part your ways only from the trans-saturated fats that are known to kill proteins, vitamins, and minerals in the body. The Best Ayurvedic Hospital in UP suggests that the trans-saturated fats make your body open to toxins.  Only the polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats are good for your heart. These fats are found In Ghee, Groundnut, Flaxseed oil, Sesame oil, and Mustard oil.

2. Part Ways from Stress

How your heart feels reflects on your face, hence to look good you need to stop stressing and step towards tranquility. Stress can drain you, emotionally as well as physically. Your body has its own alarm to notify the wrong. You may fail to catch it, but the heart always says what is right; it is the foundation of all types of emotions. Ayurveda says practicing meditation can bring down your pressure, reversing arterial blockage, and fights back every type of stress. The CCIM Approved BAMS College UP uses herbs like Arjuna and Ashwagandha, which are ideal to bring the positive influence on the mind and overcome stress.

3. Heart-friendly Diet

Eat more servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, and stay away from fast food. You must start your day with stewed apples, soaked almonds, boiled veggies and more proteins. Ayurveda says use of freshly ground black pepper and turmeric should be more in the diet. Leave the leftover and processed foods. Use ginger, salt, and lime together to stimulate the sluggish digestion.

4. Sound Sleep

Sleep on time, drink ample amount of water, and listen to melodious songs. This will soothe your heart beat and keep it at good pace. Take aromatherapy, herbal teas, and enjoy the serene natural beauty. Surround yourself with positivity and get rid of situations that can invite anger.

The CCIM approved Top BAMS Colleges in UP , Delhi Ncr, Haryana , Rajasthan recommend using natural herbs like Arjuna, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Green tea, raw garlic, Cinnamon, Rosemary, etc., which are known to improve the heart condition. You can also include Poppy Seeds in your diet as it has the considerable amount of Linoleic acid and Omega-6 Fatty acid that protect against heart disease. The Top Ranking Ayurvedic college in UP grows such herbs in an in-house herbal garden, which is maintained and nurtured in the state-of-the-art environment. More caution you are, less will be the future consequences. Stay informed and stay close to Ayurveda for lasting and sustainable relief.

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