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Some people are so enthusiastic about healthy eating that most often they end up going over the top! And how come you have forgotten the adage- Excess of everything is bad! As per Ayurveda, one must eat healthily but avoid overdoing it. The same goes for dieting. It isn’t bad. But, if you overdo something, you’ll have to face the consequences. In today’s post, SKS Ayurvedic College – one of the top BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges UP wishes to highlight some dieting mistakes that most people commit, and the worst part they are not aware of these mistakes. Therefore, if you are one of those people who are concerned about their health and wish to employ Ayurvedic practices in their daily lifestyle, then today’s post is for you. 

Here are some dieting mistakes committed by most people. The Best Private BAMS Ayurvedic College in UP, SKS Ayurvedic College wants you to have a look at the given mistakes and try to never repeat them. 

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Avoid Excessive Use of Olive Oil

As per the recommendation of one of the best BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in Rajasthan, always make sure you are using the correct amount of olive oil in your food even if it is considered as the healthiest fat. According to Ayurveda, regular consumption of something isn’t good for the body. Olive oil may have healthy monounsaturated fats, Vit E, and antioxidants but it also has its share of calories! One tablespoon of olive oil has 14 g of fat and 120 calories. If possible, try to change your oil time-to-time, says the SKS Ayurvedic College – the best Ayurvedic College in UP

It is the right time for you to change your ways. Never let your dieting myths affect your health!

We hope that the above-shared tip will guide you to follow a diet plan keeping Ayurveda practices on top priority. Being one of the best BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in UP, SKS Ayurvedic College doesn’t only focus on completing the course structure. We let our students understand life skills and train them to implement them in their daily life. It’s one of the biggest benefits of choosing SKS Ayurvedic College for Admission in BAMS College in India

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