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Congratulations on your admission in BAMS! Kudos to your efforts for clearing the entrance examinations! Smile, because you are in one of the Best Ayurvedic Medical Colleges in MP. Now that you are all set to invite medical jargons as a new wisdom of knowledge, attuning yourself with Ayurvedic terms is nothing less than swallowing a bitter pill! Lucky you, here are some tips helping you from mugging up the Slokas to understanding Samhitas; preferably in a manner you like it :). Without much ado, here are the best study tips for a new BAMS student. While you Study BAMS Course in MP, keep these tips handy.

Take Ayurveda Seriously

Regardless of how easy Ayurveda may seem, it requires an equal amount of effort, dedication, and seriousness akin to MBBS. Always remember, you are going to be a doctor and the patient’s life is depended on your decision. So, take Ayurveda seriously-every word, and each Sloka! The Best Ayurvedic Medical College in MP suggests being proactive and disciplining your life like a soldier. Nothing more, nothing less, just Perfect!

Stay away from Naysayers

Stay away from those who wear statements like, “it’s easy to pass Ayurveda, it’s easier than Allopathy, and it’s as easy as pie to learn Ayurveda.” Because believe it or not, Ayurveda-as a whole- is a very crucial subject to be imbued into your wits. You may have gone through a list of BAMS colleges in MP to select the best Ayurvedic Medical College in MP. However, this doesn’t ensure zero naysayers. Hence, in order to excel and Study BAMS Course in MP, be diligent, and hardworking!

Be a Good Observer

It is a sign that you are on the right track, leading to a destination, well-cherished and applauded. Regularly visit a nearby Ayurveda practitioner, observe practical methods that you theoretically learn in class. Ask questions, many of them, so as to clear your doubts over the subject. Follow the practitioner’s suggestions, instructions to Study BAMS Course in MP. Start learning the practical lessons from the very beginning. This makes learning a fun experience. CCIM Approved BAMS College in MP asks the students to carry themselves and not their EGO while learning under practitioner’s supervision.

Love, only Sanskrit!

More acquaintance with Sanskrit, less complex it becomes to study the crucial subjects in Ayurveda. Devote your time, and start reading original Sanskrit Text (Bruhatrayi) with Sanskrit Tikas. Good hands-on Sanskrit welcomes clear understanding of the language; don’t stop until to achieve this milestone-‘Understanding’. CCIM Approved BAMS College in UP suggests, the more you hate Sanskrit, complex it becomes to complete the course of Ayurveda education.

Interact More, only with Lecturers

There will be a lot of confusion that needs to clear with logical reasoning. The Ayush Approved BAMS Medical College in Haryana believes interacting more with lecturers foster your interest in the subject. Chat more about Ayurveda, less about people (Gossip).  Interact more with lecturers, less with your mates. Make a list of doubts. Consult your professor and get the clarification. Refer to the clarification and read them again. Here is the trick. “If you write and read about the same topic, your mind easily reminds the topic when required; It works pretty well”, the Ayush Approved BAMS Medical College in MP further added.

Moreover, dedicate four hours daily, apart from college. The Best Ayurvedic Medical College in UP asks not to curse the subject and its ancient Seers. Always think that you can do it. Put in all good and hard work. Make fewer friends (tough to abide by), but, you can befriend an Optimist. Visit Library very often. Explore different books, other than the ones in your syllabus. All the best, keep smiling and practicing.

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