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Summer is the season for heat, sun and fun. But not everyone can enjoy the summer season. Many people are allergic to heat or have other health conditions that make them uncomfortable during this time of the year. Thus, today’s blog shares some tips to adopt healt-hy eating practices this summer. Let’s see what SKS Ayurvedic College- the best Ayurvedic college in UP, has to say in this regard.

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Stay Cool this Summer with These Ayurvedic Tips

Start Eating Food that Increases Pitta Dosha

Pitta dosha is responsible for digestion and metabolism, so avoid spicy foods and hot beverages during summer. Hot food increases pitta dosha and causes inflammation in body tissues. Avoid sour fruits, red meat, and citrus food items like oranges and lemons during the summer.

Start Consuming Foods that Balances Vata Dosha

The best way to keep your body cool is by eating seasonal balanced foods. You can eat watermelon, apples, cucumber, etc. These fruits have cooling properties that reduce pitta dosha and balance vata dosha. These fruits also help in the body’s detoxification process by cleaning out toxins from body cells naturally without causing any side effects on your health.

Avoid Eating Hot Drinks leading to Fatigue

Drinking too much hot tea or coffee can raise body temperature even further than you can imagine! It can lead to fatigue and weakness in your body. Thus, it’s recommended to avoid drinks and food that lead to dullness.

These Tips Will Help You Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer is around the corner, and we are getting ready to welcome it with open arms. It’s no secret that the summer season can be quite taxing on our bodies and minds. The scorching heat, humid atmosphere and lack of water can toll our health. So, how do we survive this hot season? Adopt the above-said practices shared by the best Ayurvedic college in UP to

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