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While your peers choose to pursue MBBS as a career, your strong inclination for herbal medicines made Ayurveda your ultimate choice. Your firm determination and basic instincts have let you clear all the hurdles to pursue your knowledge as a successful career. Congratulations! You are now a qualified individual for the best Ayurvedic medical college in MP.

After you clear the entrance examination, the next thing is getting into one of the best Ayurvedic colleges in India. To make this task easier, here are the 5 essential features of the CCIM approved BAMS College in MP.

1. Infrastructure and Campus location

Whichever college you choose, you must visit the college first and monitor for the infrastructure. The campus should cover a huge area, with quality laboratory and multi-specialist units. The college with the Medical Research Unit together will be the added benefit.

2. Well-equipped Labs and Diagnostic facility

Providing key parameters of education for medical students, the college must house qualified and the state-of-the-art research Lab as well as the diagnostic facilities. The lab must qualify for advanced equipment, modern research analysis, and innovative ways for treatment.

3. Herbal Garden

Having a well-managed and supervised Herbal Garden is a sign of their love for Medicines and Research Culture. Hence, one thing is sure this college is completely dedicated to herbal formulations for the cure. And, where there is dedication, there is a win. So, you are at the right place and soon will be in the league of attaining success.

4. Quality IPD and OPD services

The effective treatment is directly propositional to the quality herbal formulations and treatment facilities the college offers. The IPD and OPD must be prepared to service the on-time wellness care of the patient. An in-depth case analysis rather than an experimental medication approach is a clear sign of their authenticity and professionalism.

5. Association and Affiliations

The College should be approved by Ayush Government of India and Central Council of Indian Medicine (New Delhi). The association with other legitimate colleges is a benefactor for you as a student. With more than 10 years of experience, the college must equip you with the best of knowledge and proven Ayurveda cure for peculiar diseases.

Social service and Patient Care are the prime motives of the CCIM Approved Top BAMS Ayurvedic College in UP. There is a List of BAMS College in MP, where hundreds of colleges are listed and each claims to be the best. However, in selecting the one or making your own bullet-list, the above-mentioned factors may help with your concerns.

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