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There are hundreds of BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in UP and the Delhi NCR region. Only a few of them stands truly in the list of top choices. The top private BAMS College in North India given in the list offers unique facilities to their students. Here are some of the best colleges for admission in BAMS College in India according to 2021 ranking.

Table of Content

  • List of Top BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in India  
  • Top Traits Making Any Ayurvedic College Best  
BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in UP

So, let’s get started!

List of Top BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in UP, India

  1. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  2. SKS Ayurvedic College , Mathura
  3. Govt. Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Lucknow
  4. Prabhudeva Ayurvedic Medical College, Lucknow
  5. Lalit Hari Govt. Ayurvedic College , Pilibhit
  6. Aligarh Unani and Ayurved Medical College, Aligarh
  7. Sri Sai Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Aligarh
  8. Gngasheel Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Bareilly
  9. Shri Krishna Ayurvedic Medical College , Varanasi
  10. Santusti Ayurvedic Medical College, Varanasi

Top Traits Making Any Ayurvedic College Best  

It’s crucial for students to think about the college ranking before applying for admissions. It will help you have an exact idea of the best private Ayurvedic College in UP. Do you want to know which BAMS college in UP? Visit the SKS Ayurvedic College. The college offers following traits,

  • infrastructural facility, including labs & library
  • Faculties, including experienced doctors & lab assistant
  • Curriculum, including basic & traditional Ayurvedic practices
  • Ayurvedic Hospital in UP that worked as the COVID care facility  


A degree from a good BAMS Ayurvedic college can serve you well for in your future. The above ranking is based on factors like average rank, rank difference, and the list of the top colleges. Do you have any doubt on the list of top BAMS Ayurvedic Colleges in UP? Call the authorities from the respective colleges.

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